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"Stacie has always been in shape even when she wasn't and I have to say always an inspiration to me to wanna look and feel better about myself. Our journey began 10 years ago, if you knew our family then you understand why. See our family has a slight weight issue and I was falling under the same category and with that came a lot of other problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc and I was only in my early 20s at the time. I know right! I had the same reaction too at the doctors office. So I contacted Stacie and asked her to get me on a better path. We started with our time with just with eating better and lightly working out. (Lightly means I almost passed out daily but I got through it) lost about 20 pounds good start!! Then real life took over and 2 jobs took over and I ended up right back where I started (I'll get the tissues, I know I was sad too) then came 2009 I was 198 pounds and not happy with life in general and so disappointed in myself. It happens! I vowed this is it I am sticking to looking and feeling better about me. (thanks for the applause, greatly appreciated) I took my butt to the gym and never looked back just on my own I dropped 20 pounds strictly doing cardio. I also cut out all junk food, fast food and I'm happy to say I haven't had McDonalds or the counter parts since then! (Bows thanks) Once I got down 20 pounds I contacted Stacie again (we do this back and forth stuff) she started weight training me and pushing me harder and harder (thought I was gonna die) but in 2010 a year later I weighed 148 pounds 50 pounds gone in a year and my body was not on perfect toned shape but was getting there (still a work in progress today) I'm human and make mistakes but I've been around 160-170 since then and I still work out with Stacie 4xs a week trying to bring sexy back!! It's working with each passing week I see and feel changes not necessarily on the scale but within myself! How my clothes fit too!! If I can do it you can do it! She's the best at what she does a great person to guide and help you along the way!! Do it to it there's no better time then today!!"

John Rondeau

"I have been training with Stacie for four months now and not only has she helped transform my body but my mind as well. I eat healthier and train hard, all because of her!"

Stephanie Manzi

On July 2013, I sought out to make a lifestyle change for the “Sake of Good Health.” My journey hasn’t been an easy one, during this transformational period I have sustained many emotional, physical and social stressors; which would leave me to feel like quitting many times, and just give up.

I refuse to give up on myself and even though everyday is a challenge for me, I try hard to remain steadfast and continue to trust the process, without any regrets. I only need to reflect back to July 2013, and remind myself why I started in the first place for the “Sake of Good Health.”

SVF is a great support system, I admire and appreciate the genuine camaraderie we have here, we really are a Team/Family.

I am mostly and truly grateful for the dedicated, hard-working, knowledgeable, fun- loving Stacie. She is an inspiration (practices what she preaches) a great motivator, honestly wants her clients to succeed and achieve goals, because in her eyes our potential is endless. 

Silvia McKitchen

“I was playing hit or miss with both my nutrition habits and fitness level, until I met Stacie. Her professionalism and knowledge helped show me that commitment to my fitness goals was the only way to attain them. Three months, 25 lbs and nearly 20 inches off my body later and I am very close to my overall weight goal, but more importantly, at 50 years of age, I am in better physical condition than I've been since my 30's.”​

joe tedesco

“A little over a year ago I started going to Stacie's Bootcamps after loosing 20 pounds  I was still getting my butt kicked...since then I have lost another 10 pounds.... My goal was to loose 40...I am happy to report that I lost the 40 thanks to Stacie...she has been there when I wanted that soda and she talked me out of it...I eat healthier since I have been with her and I thank her for it!”

nicole panko

“Hard work will always be the key to success. What separates people who are successful is that they are always working hard, even behind closed doors. Stacie is my guiding force...she knows how to get the job done !!!!”​

patti abbood

“Hard work will always be the key to success. What separates people who are successful is that they are always working hard, even behind closed doors. Stacie is my guiding force...she knows how to get the job done !!!!”​

"I was introduced to Stacie Venagro Fitness in May by a friend of mine. I was looking for someone and something to keep me motivated and help me change my life.  Stacie and Krystal at SVF definitely has done that.  Krystal has pushed me to my limits while teaching me the correct way to workout and eat healthy.     She has helped me achieve goals that I never thought I could in the few months I have been working with her.  Krystal challenges me at the gym as well as sending me home with exercises to do when I'm not at SVF.  I am proud to say that I look forward to working out daily and especially when I am attending Stacie Venagro fitness."

Nicki Del Vecchio

“I've been working with Stacie for the last 4 months. I've never felt better in my life.  Stacie and I always joke that we have love hate relationship... Hate her during the work out BUT LOVE the results!!!! BTW Stacie I never really hate you! Thanks for everything!!!!”​

tanya dailey

"There needs to be a 6th star option! For years, I have had difficulty finding my motivation to better myself, I found it at SVF! Stacie is amazing! She truly loves what she does and that is very apparent from the first time you meet her. It can be pretty intimidating when you first walk in and see all her accomplishments, understandably, posted all around the facility, but she is not about herself at all! If you are wiling to give everything you have to her, she is going to give you everything she has to you. To go along with being a world class trainer, she is just the most genuine person you will ever meet! She doesn't hold back, but she also LOVES to laugh and smile; you tend to really enjoy your work outs... maybe even look forward to them! She challenges you but changing things up on you on a very constant basis and results do not take long to see, but you need to be honest with yourself about what you want! IF...YOU....WANT...THE...CHANGE...YOU...HAVE...BEEN...WAITING....FOR..........GO TO SVF .....and thank me later! Hope to see you there!!!!!!"

marc pasonelli

"We met Stacie through a vendor bingo night with one of our friends and won a free boot camp class. We were't sure of what to expect but 2.5 years later we have never been so grateful. She is a fantastic motivator and makes the workouts a fun experience along with getting it shape. She caters to all levels and abilities so everyone feels like they are included and a part of the class. If you're looking for a trainer who will really work with you, Stacie's the one. She will talk about nutrition and fitness on an individual level and how you can become a better you."

lisa & Dee brandon

"I personally met Stacie a few years ago for a 4 week fitness challenge just for fun and to get myself back in shape. About a year later she began her own gym in the same building as my daughters dance school. Not realizing that she would become my favorite personal trainer EVER, boot camp instructor, but most importantly a great friend and a mentor. After having children and living a busy lifestyle I kept on some extra weight and wasn't as physically fit as I once was. I was determined to shed weight, get stronger, and tone up. Although I knew this was going to be challenging at the beginning Stacie really made me feel comfortable, motivated me, and encouraged me to reach my goals. Some might find Stacie to be intimidating by her incredible body, muscles, and her Fitness Universe Championships but you will soon realize she has a heart of gold, sense of humor, and is very easy to talk to. She truly inspires people to push themselves to their fullest potential and to never give up!! I personally train better under pressure but there is no better feeling than someone believing in you to maintain your fitness goals and most importantly YOUR RESULTS!!! My last military physical fitness test was the highest score I have received in many years. Thanks to Stacie my score improved significantly putting me into an Excellent fitness category.  Stacie works with all different types of fitness levels, ages, both male & female and whether working out one-on-one, small groups, BOOTCAMP, SVF team events, monthly gym membership, and hopefully some more motivated classes in the future. There are always great opportunities to improve your fitness levels and/or  convenient ways to begin your journey at SVF. I have participated in many SVF team event over the past year to include rock climbing, 5K fitness challenges, Mud Run's/obstacle courses etc. This has given me the opportunity not only for the physical fitness part of these challenges  but met some amazing  ladies & gents, began new friendships, and share many special memories I will treasure forever. Being a part of SVF gave me back something I had lost (MY CONFIDENCE). I am happy to say I am more confident now in my 30's than ever before.  My overall experience at SVF has been a great one and I can't imagine training elsewhere. If you are looking for a motivated personal trainer that will help you reach and maintain/improve your fitness goals, weight loss, meal plans, and amazing results SVF is the place to come check out and start training with #TEAMSVF"

shannon paradis

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