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Our Mission and Services
Our goals are to improve health and quality of life. We are here to promote wellness and educate you on making good, healthy choices in and outside of the gym. We will help you plan and obtain measurable realistic goals and optimize your chance for a successful experience. We are here to make you workout smarter, not harder. Remember, the first step starts with YOU!
one on one training


With a one on one experience, you will have your own instruction from your trainer that will help motivate you to obtain your goals. We will be constently making goals with you and providing feedback as this will keep you motivated. Each client has individual needs with different ability levels. We are here to make sure that your workout fits your needs.

Intimidation Free


Open 7 days a week, we are here to work with your schedule. We will schedule appointments that work for you and fit in your busy lifestyle. The gym offers a private setting where you don't have to worry about any distractions as you would in a large gym.

are you ready?


Don't want to work out on your own? Want to workout with a friend, relative or neighbor? Someone that will push you and hold you accountable to get to the gym?


We offer Group Training packages that range from 2-5 people in a group.

personal training


Not looking to lose weight? No problem! We can help you gain muscle and tone your body. Male or female, we can meet your needs with different exercises.

core workouts


When talking about core strength, we are talking about the muscles deep within the abs and back attaching to the spine. These exercises are not limited to just crunches as core strength is so much more than that. Build up your core strength here and feel the difference!

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